Purpose driven goods for purpose driven people

Francli creates hardy work-wear and outdoor accessories, handcrafted in Britain for explorers and creators

From my farm workshop, just outside Falmouth, I design, cut and make outer wear, aprons, rucksacks and small carry goods, developed in close collaboration with my local community of creative and outdoors people.

- Ali Goodman, designer/maker





Francli started as a partnership of Frances Baseley and myself (Franki and Ali - Francli).

We met at university in Cornwall and took the typical graduate route to London. We were both working in respective fashion internships and although the city was thrilling, it was also stressful and tiring. We really missed our life by the sea. After back-to-back, unpaid internships, we started to feel creatively drained and claustrophobic. So we decided to escape.

Our solution was to set up a personal project back in Cornwall where the pace of life is kinder and the sea is only minutes away. We moved back to Falmouth, bought a 1930s Singer, and took back control over our creative work. It started as a 3 month project, and now it’s been 5 years...

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I'm all too aware of the huge amounts of waste produced by the textile industry. With this always in mind, I salvage high performance pre and post consumer waste materials to direct them away from landfill and give them a new life. I use military surplus, discontinued climbing equipment, leather upholstery and boat factory off-cuts. As this way of sourcing can be inconsistent, I support them with quality British made fabric and hardware.


Custom Commissions


I offer a bespoke commission service for both one-off pieces and small batches of Francli designs, tailored to specific craft, work and environments. Whether it’s a personalised rucksack for your next adventure or branded uniforms for your artisan business, I’d love to hear your story and ideas. 



Limited Edition Collections


I make short runs of outdoor carry goods and aprons with salvaged and British-made materials. The design and make process is directed by the fabrics I collect at that time, and how I can re-purpose them. So each collection is unique and cannot always be replicated. They are available to buy on a first come, first serve basis here.


Francli Values


These are the key insights that keep me focused: 

Happiness in Pursuit of Mastery

I get so much joy and expression from making with my hands. I’m addicted to that feeling of progression. It’s what drives me to make the next thing, and the next.

Slow, Purpose-led Design

I don’t want to make objects for objects sake. My work is for functional and aesthetic longevity.

Re-connecting with Nature

It’s all too easy to get sucked into our phones and buying stuff we don’t need. All we really need is a good dose of wild winds, cold sea and warm sun!

The Power of Collaboration

The best ideas are collective ideas. Working with other people constantly challenges me and improves my designs.

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Photography by Victoria May Harrison