C U S T O M   R U C K S A C K   S E R V I C E



This short questionnaire will help us start a conversation about how to tailor a Francli rucksack specific to your lifestyle

Your answers don’t have to be lengthy, and they’re not set in stone. They just help me understand a bit about who you are and how you’ll be using your pack. They will be my brief to develop your unique design and prepare a quote to take the project further.


Kit Rucksack Front.jpg
Kit Rucksack Back .jpg

Tea or Coffee?

Winter or Summer?

Autumn or Spring?

Rural or Urban?

Sunrise or Sunset?

Wholegrain or White?

Fiction or Non-fiction?

introvert or Extrovert?

Books or Films?

PC or Mac?

Cowboys or Aliens?


When are you most calm?

When are you most excited?

When are you most angry?

When are you most motivated?


What will you be carrying? E.g Laptop/clothes/notebooks/potatoes...

Where are you going? E.g Commute/beach/weekend break/holiday/full-scale escape...


Please copy and paste your answers in the message box below

I love to hear new ideas so please don't hold back with any extra comments or requests!

I look forward to hearing from you,



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Photography by Victoria May Harrison

Illustration by Sophie Glover