A Francli Birthday Adventure

I turned 26 last week. The wrong side of 25, some might say...

However, the occasion allowed us to take a few days off from Francli work and go on an adventure with our #KitRucksack !

I picked Snowdon as my choice of hike, as it is near to my family home and I spent most of my childhood sailing, camping and hiking in North Wales. 

When we arrived we were met by a harrowed looking man, who had just returned from a failed ascent due to bad weather conditions. However, he offered us his parking ticket (saving us £10... happy birthday to me!)

We nervously started the ascent but soon relaxed and fully absorbed the scenery. The weather was clear until the last final climb up the 'zig-zag' path where we started to enter the cloud. The summit was just as I remember it as a kid... grey, cloudy, visability of nothing but epic all the same!

Here are a few photos of our recent adventure. Snowdon, you were fun!