Old news is old news... Here's to new news!

For a while now we've been planning, prepping and testing. Its about time that we now reveal our plan...

Francli as a brand will work in two ways: 

The 'Francli Studio' is made up of purely explorative, creative and collaborative projects fuelled by our fascination and respect for other creatives and outdoor enthusiasts. 

We believe strongly in the power of shared ideas and collective creativity. These projects allow us to experiment with ideas, processes and materials and then test and analyse them with professionals. They open up new and alternative sources of inspiration and problem solving so that we are constantly evolving our knowledge of function, quality and aesthetics.

(images may change...)

(images may change...)

The 'Francli Collections' are directly informed and inspired by the narratives and conclusions of our studio projects. We want to share the excitement we get from these discoveries - both creative and outdoors.

All products in the Francli collections have to meet our high standards of quality, durability and timelessness. We lovingly hand-craft these products from our small farm workshop surrounded by the rugged Cornish countryside.