Francli Product Story #1 : The Key/Card Holder

The Key/Card Holder is the first of the Francli Essentials that we will be introducing to you through the stories of the people that use them.

These Essentials will will be available to purchase from the 4th of April via our online shop!
Let us proudly introduce you to Martha. 

She was one of the first people to test out the final sample of our Key/Card Holder design, made from salvaged Hypalon.

Martha is a Zoologist in training and makes the most of the Cornish coastline with frequent hikes and wild camping.  We wanted to find out how she got on with the product.. 

I’m a student currently completing an undergrad in Zoology at Exeter, Cornwall campus. Being from Brighton, I have always cherished living by the sea - I can’t imagine life away from it - so choosing to study in Falmouth was easy. My favourite pastime is to walk the coastal paths here. A friend and I decided to make it our challenge to walk the whole Cornish coast, covering a section every summer. When I finish my degree I am thinking of focusing on Human Population Biology and, of course, completing the coastal path trek.

What do you find useful about your key/cardholder?

I’m quite renowned for loosing things, which is the reason why I bought this product. My friends thought that it just meant I was just going to loose my keys and cards at the same time, but wearing it round my neck has stopped me from doing so. Having them so close to me is extremely useful. Also, it definitely stops those pickpockets!

Have you taken it on any adventures? I so, where and how did it fare?

I took it on a recent journey round Morocco, which was very helpful round those shifty areas, as I could just tuck all my money and cards away out of reach. I have also taken it on some long walks, in which it was also helpful, as I didn’t have to reach round to my backpack to grab those essentials.

If you could evolve the product, what would you change?

Perhaps I would make it so the keys were easier to take on and off so I don’t have to take it off to unlock my door. But on the other hand, I would probably just loose the keys. Other than that, nothing at all! It’s a very handy product.

Alison GoodmanComment