Francli Product Story # 3 : The Phone Case

An that interest developed into a passion, a passion that developed into a career; Head and Haft has grown organically from just friends asking for copies of work into a fully functioning brand.

 Chris Thorpe has taken control of his career path and lifestyle, bravely setting up his own design start-up straight from university. Through Head and Haft, Chris designs develops and handcrafts furniture, lighting and home-wares with an emphasis on function, beauty and quality of craft.

 We went to meet him at his eclectic studio near Falmouth where we found him surrounded by wood shavings, strange unfinished shapes of wood and a very excitable little puppy!

Why have you chosen to live and work in a rural setting?

Everything I need is here. The surroundings inspire me and the landscape provides the majority of the materials I use.

Head and Haft emphasises traditional techniques, do you let modern technologies influence your designs too?

The internet, and social media definitely have a large impact on how design work is portrayed and sold, but it doesn't shape what we design and make, this is down to our interests, inspirations and skill set.

How have you found using The Phone Case in your studio?

When I’m working with machines, having a phone dangling for the neck is a bit on the risky side…so in the studio, I hang it on the wall. However the tough material suits the demanding environment in which my phone is subjected to. I use my iphone a lot in the studio for social media updates, I like knowing where it is and that it is safe.

What is it about The Phone Case design that you like?

 Francli phone cases epitomises the concept of up-cycling a material. They have taken a scrap of what is technically ‘waste’ and fashioned a functional and sexy new life for it.

Check out Chris's work :