Francli Product Story #4 : The Kit Rucksack

Ali Goodman is a designer/maker and one half of Francli Craftwear. Military and work-wear clothing fascinate her; their emphasis on strength, the problems they solve and the stories they tell. It is these design qualities of durability, function and timeless aesthetics that she explores through Francli, combining them with a belief in a sustainable, creative and outdoor lifestyle.

The Kit Rucksack is the epitome of this design philosophy; re-appropriating an old army kit bag with careful pattern cutting and robust construction techniques to become a trusty companion for long walks, beach days and camping trips.

What is your favourite aspect of working as Francli?

I’m constantly amazed that I am lucky enough to do this every day! I’m happiest when we’re working in the studio, discussing ideas and experimenting with new designs. Working from salvaged fabrics can be challenging but it also makes for an exciting and organic process – the moments when we crack how to best utilise a particular fabric or material are so satisfying. However my favourite aspect of what we do is that we get to constantly interact with so many different creative people - it keeps you inspired and motivated.

What inspired you to design the Kit Rucksack?

When we both studying, we would try and escape to the coastline as much as possible, discovering new beaches and coastal paths. At one point there was even a big air rifle phase – we thought we were so badass scrambling to hidden shorelines to hit our home made targets! We would end up with so many things we wanted to lug around with us and it got pretty annoying (and sweaty) navigating woods and rocky paths whilst trying to carry/balance everything different bags and cases. This is what we designed the Kit Rucksack for – a big, sturdy and comfortable pack that you can shove everything in.

How have you found using the Kit Rucksack?

The best test was probably our 17-mile walk from St Just to St Ives; it was a pretty strenuous route and the indecisive weather alternated between a nice warm sun, pushy wind and heavy rain! It was reassuring that the Kit Rucksack stayed comfortable and secure the whole day, it was especially handy having the side zip to reach my water without taking the bag off. When the sun was out, my back did start to heat up – that’s why we adapted the back panel to be a more ergonomic and ventilated shape.

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