Francli Studio: Product Testing

7th Rise Butchery Apron

After thorough testing at his off-the-grid cottage surrounded by the Roseland woods, we collected the first sample of our butchery apron from Thom Hunt. With his feedback and further fabric sourcing, we created a more evolved design for him to try out.

We recently took this second sample down to 7th Rise to see Thom’s newly built driftwood tree-house, sample his famous foraged cooking and meet Digger, his excitable and acrobatic spaniel!

Outdoor Kitchen
Mother's Veg Patch

Product Testing: Sample #2

After a lazy morning of toast, tea and a ramble around the woods, Thom gave us each a locally shot wild rabbit and taught us how to cleanly and efficiently gut, skin and joint them.

Discussing the Apron
Rabbit Feet
Apron Details

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