Heather Scott: Designer and Woodworker

Photographs courtesy of Lulu Ash

Photographs courtesy of Lulu Ash

Heather is a designer/maker, living and working on a small, creative collective farm just outside Falmouth. This rustic farm studio, tucked away in Cornish fields with many other artists and makers, keeps her motivated and inspired.

Influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian design principles, Heather’s work combines honest materials with fine craftsmanship. She is currently experimenting with ‘Shou-sugi-ban’, a wood scorching decoration that was original developed in Japan to prevent decay, pests and the elements. Combining this ancient technique with contemporary geometric shapes, Heather perfectly balances the old and the new.


“I live and work just outside of Falmouth in a farmhouse complex that accommodates a variety of studios. I love working here as there is such a sense of community and opportunities for collaboration.
There is a support network of makers feeding my inspiration and without these people i wouldn’t be doing what i am doing. The support and learning from other makers is completely integral to what i do. “


At Francli, we share her design values of finding beauty in function and design simplicity. We admire her balance of a rural setting and innovative design, making her feedback on the Craft Apron invaluable.


“The Craft Apron is really useful for when i’m turning wood as there is so much dust. The simplicity of the design allows for it to be purely functional and protective - if there were pockets on the front all the dust would get in. It also doesn’t need to hold anything, i have my tools around me so it’s nice that it does one job and it does it well.”


Robust, ergonomic and comfortable, the apron stops her materials and dust from damaging her clothes without being restrictive or cumbersome. The wax cotton thrives in her woodwork studio environment, collecting splatters of oil and tool scratches and moulding to her movements so that it just gets better with age.

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