Tessa J Pearson: Chef and outdoor enthusiast

Photography by Lulu Ash 

Photography by Lulu Ash 

Growing up in a foodie family, her dad’s restaurant is Shampers in Soho, and surrounded by the beautiful north coast of Cornwall, Tess has developed a love for good, fresh cooking, long country walks and the wild cornish sea. 

She has travelled extensively, driven by this passion for exploring different food and landscapes. Visiting India and South America to absorb the many flavours and cooking techniques of other cultures. 

Tess now works as the resident chef for renowned coffee house, Espressini, in Falmouth. She spends her spare time experimenting with local and wild sourced ingredients, commuting on bike to her small farm cottage and exploring the coast; camping, walking and swimming. 


"I feel continually inspired by my surroundings and environment; the free, outdoor lifestyle enabled by living in Cornwall feeds into my work all the time, and vice versa. "


Split between the kitchen and the outdoors, Tess’ enthusiasm for experiments and adventure is an inspiration to us. We asked her to try out the Craft Apron, testing it’s qualities of comfort and protection in her kitchen and it’s hardiness and protection in her garden.

"I am a messy cook, so the wipeable, washable aspects of the apron are really useful. It's great wearing a durable apron that is also aesthetically pleasing; I love the tapered shape and earthy, practical colour. As I spend a lot of time somewhere between the kitchen and being outside, it's wonderful to find a garment that is transferrable between the two."