Mackerel with Puy Lentils, Foraged Greens and Rhubarb Salsa

Photography by Franki Baseley

Photography by Franki Baseley

The earthy lentils and sea beet in this recipe contrast beautifully with the sharp, citrusy raw rhubarb and fresh oily fish.


150g Puy Lentils

4 Mackerel fillets

150g Sea beet {or spinach}

A couple of bay leaves

2-3 Rhubarb stems

Decent handful of rock samphire

1 chilli

1/2 tsp each cumin and fennel seeds

Red wine vinegar

Rice vinegar


Coconut oil, olive oil groundnut oil


For the salsa, finely slice the rhubarb, samphire and chilli. Place in a bowl and add a tsp or so of honey and rice vinegar, about 2 tbsp groundnut oil. 

The samphire is reasonably salty but season with some sea salt if necessary, and adjust the chilli/honey/vinegar ratio according to your taste. 


Cook the lentils with a couple of bay leaves in salted water until al dente. Meanwhile, Heat a tbsp or so of coconut oil in a pan and gently fry the cumin and fennel, before adding the sea beet. Cover and cook until just wilted. 


Stir in with the cooked lentils, a splash of olive oil and red wine vinegar. Season to taste. 


Heat another tbsp of coconut oil in a pan and when the oil is hot fry the seasoned mackerel fillets, skin-side down, until just cooked through. Serve the fillets on top of the warm lentil and sea beet salad, and top with the salsa.