Francli Craftwear Display Stand

We are very lucky to be a part of an amazing community of artists and makers here in Falmouth. It's a creative and supportive network where skill swapping and knowledge sharing is one of the most important resources. So when we needed a simple yet beautiful display stand, we knew exactly who to call over . . . .

Designer / Maker:

Felix McCormack



We needed a display stand for events, markets, pop-up shop and studio storage. Due to the variety in both where we would be exhibiting and our range of products, the stand needed to be interchangeable and portable.


A 360 degree, 2 metre x 3 metre modular stand with multiple combinations.

Easy to set up, take down and travel with, it is highly adaptable for one-off day events or month long pop-up exhibitions.

It is the perfect minimal background to our range of outdoor and craft wares, with moveable pegs and shelving depending on the collection we would like to showcase. It can also store stock inside when the shelving is slotted in-between the box pieces.

The choice of quality materials, combined with an un-intrusive and timeless aesthetic, means that we will be able to use the stand for many years to come.


Douglas fir and plywood.