Jessica Ashely Stokes: Photographer

Jessica Ashley Stokes: The Two Observers

You may have already seen some of Jess's work; she's the amazing photographer behind our 'work and play series' that followed different artists, makers and craftspeople around Falmouth. 

Jessica Ashley Stokes: Work and Play series

Based in Cornwall, Jess uses her work to find moments of space and beauty in ever-busy modern life. She loves the deliberate, slower process of using film, enjoying the way it forces her to consider each shot and reflect on the stories of her subjects.

We've selected some of our favourite images from her work 'A Wonderful Character' and ‘The Two Observers’. They are a beautiful, narrative collection of images that delicately explore the silent companionship between Jess and her artist neighbour:

'A Wonderful Character and The Two Observers is a delicate narrative, that addresses two creatives observing one another through separate mediums. Intertwined throughout the projects, attitudes surrounding time and age between the two individuals are reflected. As a result, the narratives beautifully expose a newfound friendship, value and joy.'

We love Jess’s tactile approach, she was an absolute pleasure to work with and we’re very excited to follow her artistic journey!

See more of Jess's work here: http://www.jessicaashleystokes.com/#/francli/

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