The Francli Phonecase

We originally developed a wearable phone case as a simple solution to always misplacing our stuff. Now our phone cases have become our every day studio companions and by using them daily, all year round, we've realised some extra practical qualities...

1. Light your way

Turn on your phone light and slip into your Phone case for a wearable torch when walking or camping in the dark. The same trick can be used as a hanging light inside your tent.

2. A secure grip

The textured, non-slip quality of Hypalon material stops your phone from sliding out.

3. Travel discreetly

Wear around your neck for instant access or pop under your clothes when travelling to keep your valuables hidden.

4. Off the floor

Put your phone into the case upside down and hang on the wall for a safe and secure way plug into speakers or to charge.

5. Lots of room

This case isn't limited to just your phone, we stuff ours full with cards, tickets and bits of change. No handbag necessary.

6. Outdoor Buddy

All of the above combine to make the phone case an ideal camping and festival companion. It is a simpler and lighter alternative to annoying bags and full pockets when you just want to run wild.

Alison GoodmanComment