'Purpose driven goods for purpose driven people' - ultra-marathon open-water swimmer Beth French is the embodiment of true grit and purpose. This is why we are proud sponsors of Oceans 7, an independent feature length film that follows her incredible story.

Oceans7 follows Beth French, an ultra-marathon open-sea ocean swimmer on her journey to swim across the seven most dangerous sea-channels in the world. In April 2016 Beth set out to become the first person to ever complete the Ocean 7 challenge in a 12 month period. Her soul motivation was to prove to her autistic son that you are not determined by your circumstances and that you can fulfill your dreams and ambitions by confronting obstacles head on.


With four races completed, Beth set out to be the first person to swim five O7 crossings in a year. However after 10 hours in the water, she decided to end the race. This wasn't because of the dangers she faced or the physical challenges ahead, it was because of a deep moral dilemma that changed the framework of the challenge. 

She said that, as she battled with her feelings of doubt, she "found grace in the water" that day and the courage to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life.

OCEANS 7 is a beautiful portrait of an awe inspiring women who is fighting for the happiness of her son. 


Alison GoodmanComment