Introducing the Francli Work Apron: A simple, beautiful apron for craft

Hannah Batstone Jewellery

'If in doubt, simple it out' is one of our many studio mantras and it runs through the design of this apron.

Hannah Batstone Jewellery Bench

The shape and features were originally developed for the Leach potters, informed by their movements around the workshop and sitting at the wheel. The adjustable, cross back harness fits all sizes, and avoids fiddly ties and that end-of-the-day neck ache. The long, split leg panels allow maximum coverage with minimum restriction.

We quickly realised this comfort and movement doesn't only apply to pottery! So we are now making the apron in a choice of materials so it can protect your clothing in many different making activities.

Cotton twill

For messy work such as painting and cooking, the cotton twill is soft yet strong and holds it's own to regular washing.

For heavier or outdoor work such as wood work and gardening, the 8oz duck canvas or British waxed cotton are hardy and durable, and live best spot cleaned only.

Aprons grain (2 of 15).jpg
Duck Canvas

Reducing waste is always a priority in the design process, so we took a considered approach to the pattern cutting. This apron only uses simple, geometric shapes that tessellate on the fabric roll to minimise off-cuts.

Work Apron

We make everything by hand in our little farm studio. So if you have something more specific in mind, please get in touch for a customised apron: You can take a look at a recent example of a woodwork apron commission here.


Model: Hannah Batstone Jewellery

Photography: Liam Jones

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