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Introducing Francli Craftwear's latest creative project. Working closely with Leach Pottery to design, test and develop the ultimate potters apron.

Apron testing

'I was very flattered to be approached by Leach to develop an apron with them. We have a shared interest in traditional craft skills and Japanese design philosophies, so I knew this would be a project I could get lost in. It’s been amazing to watch the potters and learn about how they work. I’m really excited to reveal the result'

Ali Goodman, Francli

Bernard Leach

'The potters at Leach have long been talking about the perfect potters’ apron and so we decided to create our own. We needed something hard wearing that would last a lifetime. 

For those of you who know Jeff Oestreich – we were very touched when he came on a Residency here last year and created very personal gifts for everyone here, made from other potters’ aprons. This got us thinking about how they can become such a personal item and we really had to work hard to not just make any apron but one you would want to cherish for a lifetime. One that could take on the spirit of the potter. 

We also aspired to have them hand made in Cornwall, using UK fabrics and fixings and using an Indigo dye that reflected our Japanese influences. Then we met Ali and everything started falling into place.'

Libby Buckley, Director at Leach Pottery


Over the last six months Ali and the Leach potters have been discussing and designing the perfect potters’ apron. After two rounds of sampling and testing and six different iterations, we have now decided on a final design, inspired by the potter’s movements and the rich heritage of Leach Pottery. As the potters onsite vary in size quite a lot we had to make something that could be adjusted to fit well on the largest to the smallest. 

Apron process

The aprons are now in process in the Francli workshop, and will be ready to go on sale this April. For more updates and news, sign up to the Leach newsletter at the bottom of their homepage www.leachpottery.com or look out for more info on our social media.

Apron production
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