'The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur' is a new feature documentary that captures millennial change-makers using business to fix some of the world's biggest problems.

Social Entrepreneurship has the potential to radically change the world for good, but it remains poorly understood and under-appreciated.

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Why Social Entrepeneurship?

The biggest global issues like poverty, inequality, and climate change are not being fixed by governments or charities. Business has been corrupted, putting profit before people and the planet. We have learned that protesting, occupying, and boycotting is not enough. If we want to create a world that’s fair, peaceful and healthy, we need a new form of activism.

Until the last decade, few activists around the world saw themselves as part of a growing movement. This all changed in 2006 when Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in micro-finance and Blake Mycoskie launched the one-for-one business model, bringing these change-agents together under a single banner: The Social Entrepreneur.

Today, Social Entrepreneurship courses are some of the most heavily enrolled at leading universities and a new generation of innovators are quickly growing and evolving this movement, tackling issues as far reaching as homelessness and pollution.

After researching the Social Enterprise movement for two years, Director Pete Williams is convinced that this is the new form of activism needed to transform the world and has set out on a journey to create a feature film to lift Social Entrepreneurship to mainstream consciousness.