'Each year we compile a list of the one hundred+ people that got us to utter those words ‘I wish I had done that, made that, invented that, thought like that, changed that’. These are the people who have shone the brightest for us in 2017'

Hiut Denim


Personal favourites:

Satoshi Nakamoto
Boyan Slat
Yvon Chouinard/Melinda Chouinard
Angela Duckworth
Chance The Rapper
Sebastian Cox


After a busy Christmas season, I was having a sluggish start to the year. Over-worked and disorganised, the self-employed self-doubt was creeping in.

A friend sent me a screenshot of the 100+ list with what looked like a picture of me. I was confused but curious, so I went to the website. As I scrolled down the page, reading the names (and getting distracted by many incredible website links), I realised I'd misread my friend's image. I couldn't possibly be on that list.

Well I'll be damned. Thank you so much Hiut - I'm blown away to be featured next to some of the greatest minds alive today. Your vote of confidence in the things I make has lifted me out of my slump and woken me up to 2018!

- Ali x



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