Makers, shakers and convention breakers!

This is a list of some of our favourite makers and creative projects that were introduced to us in 2017. They're imaginative, innovative and purpose driven. We think you'll be as excited as us to follow their progress...



A Woven Plane

Socks for women. Made with beautiful materials by skilled hands.

'We have made them for the women who want to get on with their day. We are all about empowering women from their feet up'



Arbo Surfboards

'Ecoboard verified' handcrafted wooden surf craft & surfboard building courses

As a slow living advocate with a generous artisan spirit, board shaper Paul Reisberg travels the world to share his passion and skills for sustainable surf culture


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Jay Harper

Artist / Painter

Jay is a Falmouth based artist who is a master of palette and composition. Her figurative pieces execute line and shape with a sensual simplicity



Basho Skin

Pure, powerful and plant based. Skincare to nourish body and self

Basho's launch of refreshing, oil based products is imminent. With a holistic approach to exploring beauty inside and out, they move through nature for their tonic and inspiration

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A print magazine about finding joy in processes of production and methods of making

Created by Phil James and Paul Lyward, Ditto draws you into the world of makers and their moments of creation. Intimate interviews and powerful photography create a tactile experience of labour, learning and love



Amy Brock-Morgan

Surfer / Maker

Amy hand crafts beautiful, functional beach kit using re-purposed and natural materials. Turning from monotony, making for purpose, making for process



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Traditional footwear craft and contemporary design

'We hope to build long-term relationships of appreciation, slow production, care and respect which will flow up from your feet and grow to change societies relationship with the world of things'




Pottery studio / shop

'Cup is a humble studio and gallery space in Falmouth for local pinch potters - enabling growth, exploration and support in our creative community'


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