Ollie and Lucy are a creative, entrepreneurial couple that are challenging fast-fashion and consumer norms.

As Ottowin Footwear they hand craft beautiful, long-lasting contemporary leather accessories, shoes and boots from their Bristol workshop. Their practice celebrates slow-design and thoughtful buying with an emphasis on the making process and conscious material sourcing. 

'We hope to build long-term relationships of appreciation, slow production, care and respect which will flow up from your feet and grow to change societies relationship with the world of things'


Not only do they promote this ethos through their limited edition collections and made-to-order service, they are also hosting a series of workshops around the UK to share their playful creative approach and knowledge of traditional leather techniques.

They will be challenging and rewarding - but most of all fun! Ranging from small leather accessories, slippers, sandals and even a complex 5 day course in boot making. You will get an insight into the rich heritage of British shoe-making, experiment with a new skill and come away with a totally unique creation.

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To find out more about Ollie and Lucy's background, workshop and process, read Together and Sunspell's engaging studio visit here


Photography: Together and Sunspell

Illustrations: Ottowin Footwear