The Re-Purpose Driven Series;

Limited editions of the original Kit Rucksack design, hand crafted from selected surplus materials

Kit Rucksack Front.jpg

Re-purposing would-be-wasted materials has been part of the Francli process since the beginning. Always on the lookout for interesting sources of fabric, we've developed quite a collection over the years. 

The R-PD series is a way to get creative with this stock of eclectic materials. Using the Kit Rucksack design as the foundation, we will give new life to salvaged gems such as an army surplus basha and a reclaimed fire hose. The packs will be made as and when there's space in the production line, and sold on a first come, first serve basis with a unique leather stamped product number. 


The first of this collection makes use of a US Army woodland camo 'basha' from the Vietnam era. This 2 metre x 2 metre square of canvas was designed as a military aid for woodland operations. Lightweight, strong and lined with brass eyelets, it would have been adaptable as an impromptu shelter or observation post.

From a past life of utility, into one of new adventures; this Kit Rucksack will our first ever in camouflage. Combined with canvas and hardware from a British surplus kit bag, British made webbing, vegetable tanned leather and an extra layer of waxed protection.

Watch this space for it's impending launch!


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_MG_7842 copy.jpg
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