Kit Rucksack: R-PD / 0001

Kit Rucksack: R-PD / 0001


A limited edition Kit Rucksack made from a re-appropriated US Army woodland basha from the Vietnam era. 

Hand crafted in Cornwall with function and durability as the uppermost focus, this utilitarian pack is built for a 'bashing'.

Packed down it's compact and comfortable for for day-to-day use. Fully packed it's spacious and organised to be all you need for a weekend escape carry-on.


  • Packed down 45cm x 30cm x 15cm
  • Fully packed 70cm x 30cm x 15cm


  • x1 front pocket
  • x2 side access zip
  • Adjustable roll top closure
  • Padded/ergonomic back panel
  • Padded/adjustable straps
  • Stand alone base
  • Unique, leather stamped product number
  • Wax coating


  • Army surplus canvas + hardware
  • British made waxed cotton
  • British made nylon webbing
  • British made nylon grosgrain
  • YKK No.5 nylon coil zip
  • Vegetable tanned, lightly waxed leather
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The Re-Purpose Driven Series; Limited editions of the original Kit Rucksack design, hand crafted from selected surplus materials


The first of this collection makes use of a US Army 'basha' from the Vietnam era. The 2 metre x 2 metre square of camouflage canvas was designed as a military aid for woodland operations. Lightweight, strong and lined with brass eyelets, it would have been adaptable as an impromptu shelter or observation post.

From a past life of utility, into one of new adventures. This one-of-a-kind rucksack with a unique product number, is available on a first come, first serve basis only. 

Purpose driven goods for purpose driven people

Francli Craftwear is inspired by our maker lifestyle in Cornwall. For travelling to hidden workshops, exploring rocky beaches, and packing for surf/camp trips. Our packs are made to be functional, organised and ultimately durable.

Each design uses re-purposed materials. The aim is to give the fabric and hardware a new and longer lifetime. It's a reverse process where the materials directly influence the design so nothing is wasted. Please allow for the small marks of character and repair that naturally come with this way of sourcing.

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